Buy Items and Tickets

What is Ticket-Bob?

Ticket-Bob is a marketplace that supports organizations to plan and conduct events. This organizations are called organizers. They publish their events at Ticket-Bob and sell tickets and merchandising items. Ticket-Bob provides the webspace and the services to advertise, sell and process. Tickets issued by Ticket-Bob can be presented to the organizer at the event door either printed or digitally on a smartphone.

Other services provided by Ticket-Bob include the sale of merchandising items or donations to organizers.

Do I need an account in order to buy items at Ticket-Bob?

No. Although there are some advantanges connected with an account, it is not necessary to be a registered user when buying at Ticket-Bob. However, registered users can see their order history and download documents such as invoices and donation receipts.

How can I pay?

Ticket-Bob supports two payment methods at this time: PayPal or using a debit or credit card. However, debit and credit cards are accepted from within the European Union only due to legal issues.

Is there any fee I need to pay?

No. There will be no extra fees for buyers. All service fees are paid by the respective organizers.

I've got a problem with my order. Whom do I need to contact?

Ticket-Bob is a broker platform only. That means that all services provided are used to enable organizers to advertise, to sale and to process their sales. When a customer buys items from an organizer then the contract is between buyer and seller only. Ticket-Bob will only issue invoices, tickets and donation receipt on behalf of the organizer. That's why customers need to contact their respective organizers when there is an issue around their product. Ticket-Bob - as a service provider - will be responsible for technical issues around the buying and fulfilling process only.

How can I cancel my order?

The European Distance Selling Act is valid for commercial organizers only. Private organizers are free how to handle cancellations of orders. Ticket-Bob provides services to cancel an order before a payment was made (waitlist feature). However, only organizers can handle and process cancellations once the payment was done as they received the amount from the payment.

Organizers are required to state clearly what conditions apply for cancellations on their profile page. If no such statement is given then cancellations can be made before payments only as long as the organizer is a private seller.